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Traveloes is a leading travel technology company providing Online Travel Solutions & travel portal development company. We deliver online travel booking portals for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Holiday packages etc in B2C, B2B, and B2E mode. Axis has the experience of more than 10+ years in integrating more than 80 travel portals. Online Travel Solutions enables offline travel agents, agencies, tour operators to get their travel business online via online travel portal products rolled under the brand name "Safari". One of the best ways your travel agency can achieve new height where you can generate huge revenue and number of customers is to purchase readymade online travel solution.

Axis incorporated in 2005, we invests more than 10+ years time to understand each and every concept of travel and tourism industry, Axis Softech has vast experience in travel and tourism industry domain, we develop clear insight of your requirement to develop online travel solutions according to your requirements. Our Online Travel Solutions (OTS) is accomplished to building productivity for the online booking revolution by online travel portals. As a leading provider of online travel solutions, significantly invests in dedicated resources giving our clients an advantage of e-travel business platform.

Benefits of Online Travel Solutions

  • Maximum Profitability from bookings from travel portal
  • Travel portal recognition for OTS according to your requirement
  • Policy Validation for OTS
  • Simplified development process of Online Travel Solutions
  • Complete viability of all travel software solutions
  • Maximum Security of data
  • Mobile friendly Capabilities for Travel Portal Development

Features of Online Travel Solutions

  • Increased Online Adoption of our OTS around the world
  • Affordable cost of all OTS according to budget
  • Improved and dynamic panels empanelled in OTS
  • Stringent your travel business
  • Improved Preferred Supplier Performance
  • Customized online travel solutions for your different needs
  • 24*7*365 booking support for user satisfaction

Traveloes offers mobile friendly online travel solutions which have a advantage of providing online experience to meet the requirements of customers and regular travelers who are always looking for competitive prices. Travel Agents and Travel Agency owner have the ability to book travel, manage itineraries and holiday packages from dedicated admin panel of your online travel portal.

Our Ready-Made Travel Technology Solutions

Safari Aero

Safari Aero is the starting Online Travel Solution product which Traveloes has for booking of flights tickets and it comes with API integrated for all domestic and international bookings. The product facilitates airlines bookings for all types of travel agents, travel agencies and other players in travel and tourism industry. The is readymade product with fixed design where the customers have choice to choose the color combinations as desired. We have expertise to develop this travel product so we can deliver this product within 1-3 working days.

Safari Special

A special online travel solution product in its class which has every module which is desired by any Travel Agent and Travel Agencies. The product has features of bookings of flights, hotels and bus along with their live inventories & exclusive holiday packages where the owner of product can upload domestic or international holiday packages of his choice. The product is ready with special design patterns and can be delivered within 2-5 business days.

Safari Standard

A standard online travel solution product in its class with customized designs where customers can choose any design according to his taste of color. The product has world class booking engine with live inventory for flights, hotels and bus. There is a standard section for holiday packages where customer can upload standard domestic and international holiday packages. This product is delivered within 30 business days.

Safari Mid

This is one of the products which Axis has in its kitty which is designed for mid size online travel agencies and agents, this product has facility of adding more API as per the choice of owner of product. This product is easily scalable and upgraded to higher version easily, this online travel product have more than 5 lakh hotels worldwide with no duplicity of any hotel. This product comes with additional modules with combination of flight and hotel.

Safari Advance

An Advance Online Travel Solution Travel product, with separate landing pages for each section and has huge Content Management System to support the Global operations of a large travel organization. The product is self sufficient to cater to the existing and growing need of a corporate. Integration of multiple API can also be done against each integrated service. The product is highly scalable and at par with global standards. This product is designed with new advancements and technology fits for a large size Travel Companies. An advance technology is integrated in this online travel product. It comes with fare calendar of flight, hotel and car and different landing page of each section and has huge content management system to support global operations of a large scale travel agencies and organizations. This of product is sufficient to manage bookings of large corporate and tested over more than 100 agents globally.

Safari Ultra

It is one of the best world class online travel solution product that Axis has as the name depicts it has all ultra qualities to manage all financial transactions and bookings of very large travel agencies and organizations. This product comes with ultra advance modules and has all features for companies who have global expansion of travel business around the world. The product allow customer to integrate multiple API and leave space for customization as per customer choice. This online travel product is highly scalable and tested over 1000 concurrent users.

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